WTF’s wrong with my life?

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I just finished watching an rather distasteful, Left 4 Dead game copy called High School Of The Dead and decided to post here and by sheer (lack of) luck i had to relogin @ and stumbled upon Wombara’s Blog and read probably one of the best posts so far in this month. Anyone who cares to read this blog and perhaps understands anything i’m saying at all please be sure to check it out.
My life is going through an high speed part that i had the feeling i was getting to enjoy it the fullest but after those 2 events prior to this post i feel like i’m forgetting some of the most important part, THINKING that is. Like Will wrote, and I’d like to quote “Technology today makes it very easy to ‘music surf’, where we randomly skip tracks that we might not be to out taste or even our current mood.” my life is just going that way, just a blur of information and friendship with not much depth, just that false Carpe Diem feeling that i get every damn time i get to wake up, at 5am :S

And buying books has become something just so banal that today i spent 40USD on books and it just didn’t feel like it till i went to check my bank account and found out i got just enough money to have lunch till the end of the week. Oh boy!!! Thank god those were useful books, an Scientific American double edition issue about the 24h of your brain and The World In Six Songs about how music is processed by your brain and how it created entirely different cultures.

At last my 21-day study break is near and probably I’ll have 1 or 2 days just for reflection and to put some order on my priorities and thoughts and concepts. Well, to put my life where it should be with it’s concepts running smoothly back again. Probably to think about love and if the person I’m giving most of my attention to is really worthy it and if should i allow myself to try and take the relationship into another level.
“Look for the line between love and friends” from Rocket Boys – Follow Me proposes, just how thin is this line? At least for me it used to be a very thick line that i could see clearly but now with that person i find myself stepping on that line and its grown very very thin, at least concerning her.

Lets wrap this post with the quote from HSOTD that inspired me to write this post: “On the day that the world ended i killed my friend and for the first time embraced the girl i love”.


2 respostas em “WTF’s wrong with my life?

  1. /ALOK, que revolta Lu, tá pior que eu! Mas não é bem isso que quero falar aqui.

    Só digo que existem situações que realmente queremos mudar na nossa vida, sempre pra melhor, infelizmente não acontece como queríamos não é?
    Mas nem por isso pense em desistir! Continue tentando e tentando, se precisar de algo estarei aqui, sei que posso não ser de muita ajuda, mas se tá dificil meo… BANKAI! BAZINGA e bla bla bla

    Só espero que se cuide, e ha, você não estaria apaixonado por alguém perto de vc e isso tá te deixando confuso? Bom, isso é só um chute meu, e como não sou muita boa nisso, sei la XD Hoahoahoahoah

    Enfim, cuide-se meu amigo, e no que precisar é só chamar 😀

    • Não é bem isso… é só o meu ego tentando se apoiar em algo (ou alguém) pra me manter estudando naquela poçilga chamada cursinho. Pode parecer hipocrisia minha mas se eu não tiver alguma meta a curto prazo fica muito difícil atingir a meta de longo prazo.
      Estranho? Eu sei…

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