How hard can it be?

Yep, that’s Jeremy Clarkson’s infamous catch phrase that usually ends up in catastrophe, no wonder why.

What i really mean is, how hard can it be for someone to find someone like you?
These days are being awfully complicated to deal with, a lot (90%) of my friends seem to be finding people whom they can match interest with, whereas i am finding myself pissed over and over again thinking that i am the problem, perhaps knowing too much is the problem, or my wheight (oh that is a problem, but not the definitive one), probably is my lack of self-confidence, and that, dear reader (if you can read and properly digest what i’m writing, wich a doubt very much judging by my blog stats) is the biggest issue. Aside from that, i really don’t know how to handle this situation, i find hard to adapt to the fact that all my friends are finding some friends with whom they can spend more quality time.
Seriously, i cant understand why i’m lacking GFs, why it’s being so damn hard to find someone i actually like. Maybe it’s fate that has set it’s big ponty fingers on my way and said “no happyness atm for you”, aside from those short burts when i get to buy something, before the grief kicks in and i go for my refund.

Friends and friend’s friends are just getting along so well that i am witnessing another couple rise and shine from a mad storm while i’m getting fatter and lonelier. Fuck, enough with this, this subject is driving me mad ‘cause i need to concentrate on my studies for the O-so-big-test by the end of the year and yet i feel tired and not motivated, thinking that perhaps a GF would be for the best while dont know what to do about it.

That’s it for now, an chaotic post with a big big flood of all of my thoughts, writing them down is good, it gives you time for reflection and space to fill in blanks and find answers, that is why i love this blog so much and been writing on it on and off for 3 years.
Probably wont be giving up on it in my entire life and hopefully happier posts are to land here in the near future 🙂


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