Strange day is strange. Do you know when you wake up and you looks at the mess that’s your bed and it’s different from the usual? You know that either your sleep was better or worse. In my case it was better, the bed was less messy and i woke up happier. Well, now it doesnt look like that so much. I couldn’t stand the ideia of walking into the classroom to watch some subjects, so instead i kept myself away from it, trying to study and reading plenty in the lunch hall while the quiet rooms are no yet open. Well, looks like i’m stressed due to the coming of the tests and i just cant stand it. All my friends and even my family have backed away from me these last few weeks.
I fear that perhaps thre stress is rendering my thoughts hasty and agressive for it’s unlike me to scare the people away, on the contrary, the more people around me the better 🙂
Well, i gotta find fast a way to wear down my stress or i’ll be doomed to failure.
Fearing the worse, i’ll try to talk to my parents about some way of stressing out before not only my study but my whole life goes down



That’s what is going on in my mind.
Really, what have i done wrong?
All i’ve been getting this week from people around me are reprimands.

I’m seriously thinking about what to do with my life, if all I’ve done up to now is wrong, perhaps I’ve been waking up in the wrong side of the world, the bed and with the wrong foot all week long and it’s getting near the unbearable to the point where i found myself today thinking where i could run to for some time away from the mess, let it calm down then return.
Seriously what have i done wrong? If I’ve done anything or forgot to move along with the world someone GIVE ME A SHOUT FFS!!.
I don’t feel like i can stand it for much longer. All the things i’ve tried to calm down worked naught! Lets see what turns out saturday, if a good 5hour of physical exercises works any wonder.

Really, when you reach a point where all your friends AND your siblings are ignoring you you can surely say that something is definitely OFF.

Rapidinhas Nº3

Só pra constar, começo a acreditar que tenho que contar menos fatos da minha vida para meus amigos.
Alguma coisa também me diz que eu tenho que arranjar outros agora nesse 3º quarto do ano, essa tem sido a época mais estressante há 6 anos já, preciso me livrar logo desse burden, perhaps with someone’s else better help.

I shall see how that little experiment turns out and will keep everyone here posted (ha!!! trocadilho legal em inglês XD!!!!!!!!!)