Bad, bad brain!

Why, I ask myself at this time of the night, right after watching a good episode of Fringe.
Though that series is not made to make you wonder about your life, but of the strange, I ended up thinking about my life, where it’s growing, where I will eventually end up.
What gives me the creeps is that despite my half-arsed resolve about what I wanna do about my life, as soon as I popped open my Facebook and saw my old time friends meeting new people and graduating, it came to me that I could be doing it all wrong, that I had pursued a fake dream for 5 years and it took me 5 years to realize that. Now I’m supposedly doing it right, though not happy with the institution.
Yes, I know… I am running after a better one, but it’s not only that, I feel like its all wrong, even when it involves my job, working for my a institution that doesn’t require me to leave my room, just typing all day long in a half brained state. Though it’s not that either, it’s the troubling fact of being overprotected, not meeting other people, anyone I could consider worthwhile.
Let’s consider the uni I enrolled into, and this might sound a tad hypocrite, but there is no one there interesting at all, no one I can have a proper conversation, where I can express all my point of view about life, universe and everything else. And I know there are people like that out there, I’ve talked with people like that in the past, and I freaking miss it!
I know that those kind of people probably isn’t reading this shoddy blog but here it goes. if you Are out there, give me a call.
Well that’s about all I had to say, this life is scaring me.
Ps: not that easy to write on an iPad as you would think…