Why do I feel like I am failing life and there is no save point or restart round?
This game came with no freaking instructions manual and I’m not doing that great.
You know, I am supposed to start shaving off some weight so I can carry on more stuff and eventually be able to work my biological duties out but that doesn’t seem to be working out much.
By now I’ve accepted life is not a fairy tale and yet I can’t find out what I wanna do with my life, can’t see myself in the future, nor can I see myself having someone to call mine.
Even more shocking was seeing how naturally my “religious” girl friend was talking about sex and orgasm.
I mean, am I really that naïve? (Look, a proper umlaut!)
I know maybe I am expecting too much of people, being too picky and expecting a miracle, but I can’t help and wonder when will I get to have it all sorted out since almost 1/3 (if I can get up to 75ish) of my life is gone.
Call me what you want, but give me something to work with, even a whiff of hope or something to look up to would be nice.

PS: Why was life easier when I used to hide myself behind all those fairytale animations?