And now what?

So about 8 years ago GMail launched and with it’s massive 2gb storage came GMAILFS, which allowed me to save my crap into my email like it was an HDD.
At that time I saved 4 songs and a letter to a friend of mine that had disappeared into Spain at the time.
While organizing my Hotmail today I decided to try and fix my messy Gmail account. While doing it I found my files stored there and downloaded them, only to find it corrupted. So I went into YouTube, since I had the song’s name.

That song brought me a flurry of emotions since I could not read that letter, trying to remember all that happened at the time and how uncomplicated life was, even though the living conditions were shittier.

And that’s the interesting part, the emotions, what I was playing at the time, where and with who I was studying, how I fell in love with an revolted girl that I barely knew from the internetz and lived so fucking far away. And how that devastated me and turned me into the horrible human being I am right now.
And that’s why I’ve decided to keep this THING alive, I shall be posting here and every 10 years come back and read what I posted ages ago. I’ll need to keep posting in here since the oldest post dates back to 03/2007 and 2017 is still a couple of years away from now!
For now the memories contained in this blog are too recent for me to not have yet forgotten them.
This should be an interesting life exercise if I can keep writing myself once a week or a month for the remainder of my life, should provide myself with a nice recollection of memories that could even end in a book.

Just out of curiosity I’ll be checking the blog stats to check how many still reads this thing… I expect only ONE even though this post will be announced via Twitter.