Back to Basics

So yeah, my bass probably deserves some TLC after helping me get through the last Suffering Song, it took me far and wide on an unforgettable  journey while helping me dealing with the residual pain, helped me realize I really loved the feeling, and that will be repeated in due time.
For now I’ve started working out, oh yeah, on the gym, horrible horrible pains but all worth when you see your old self slowly draining away, giving you possibilities of what can and what will be. It’s wonderful when you got friends to support you even when you wanted to just lay down and die.
And lately I’ve returned to an old acquaintance  to help me spend a bit of my free time AND, this is a BIG and, I think I might have found the first game to give me the feelz in the longest time.


Yes, this wonderful game by Supergiant, I am quite positive that it will make me a better person one way or another when I’m done with it. The story is just superb even though messy, confusing and not thrown in your face, it makes you go out of your way to find it, to understand it, and to try and recover Red’s voice. Ashley Barrett’s work in here is just phenomenal.
Recently I met a girl who I thought had the sweetest singing voice in the world. Well, I was quite wrong, Ashley Barrett outperforms her by a country mile. Specially when you consider all the nuances and emotions inflicted while articulating the lyrics.

If the music on the video below doesn’t grab you by the heart and twist it even a little, then you are doing something wrong, very wrong.
Or maybe I’m the stupid one trying to find meaning where there is none and this post has been a mad rant all along.


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